Negative transference – condition of mobbing

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Psychoanalytical intervention in psychology of labor is at least interesting if not even welcome or necessarily. Human is a thoughtful being and exactly by thought and thinking he is trip up from unconscious processes and »something unconscious«. That kind of behavior we could generalize in (unconscious) wish. Because of numerous of unconscious process and (ego)defense mechanism, which are also in their own foundation unconscious nature, is psychology of labor also very complicated. In psychology of labor psychoanalysis with its own concepts was not even that much present. One of the phenomena in contemporary psychology of labor, about which it is Slovenia talking only last few years, is phenomenon called »mobbing«, which is also under this name known in Slovenia. Phenomenon called »mobbing«, is one of the phenomena in contemporary psychology of labor. Phrase »Mobbing« is also known and used in Slovenia, although people spoke about this phenomena just for about last few years. Laic said it goes by mobbing – Slovene expression could be »šikaniranje« – for some kind of systematical and constant (planned or as well spontaneous or unplanned) »stumbling« and psychical torture or tormenting – better said »to cause someone’s death« (or at least cause them nervous collapse). Definition of »mobbing« could be as following: »Mobbing is conflictful communication on workplace between co-workers or between subordinate and superior employers. By such conflictful communication is person who is attached in subordinate position and is exposed to systematical and long time lasting attack from one or more person with purpose and/or consequence to oust from system. As a result the attacked person feels this as discrimination. Mobbing means that someone individually or even joined in whole group of people, systematically and at the most of casses planned, but possible also unplanned (that mean unconsciously), putts someone else i. e. co-worker or classmate into desperation or in psychosis state. Victim or target of mobbing defines that as: »I am going to lose my mind because of him/she/them!«. Consequence of that kind of psychical or psychosocial torturing could be some kind of personal or psychical breakdown, which can lead to psychical illness, a chronic depression or any other psychical or physical disturbance which can lead to hospitalization (nervous brake down) or even suicide. For Mobbing is significantly that it appears in the work environment or there, where people are coming in a intensive emotional relationship. Therefore climate, suitable for mobbing, can be restore also in institution as schools, boarding schools, associations … Psychoanalysis indicates that the condition for reestablishment for paradigm of mobbing is famous transference – otherwise better known from psychotherapist practice – in which person awake fixed feeling of negative nature, which were put into him in his childhood.

Keywords: psychoanalysis, mobbing, workplace, transference.

M.Sc. Roman Vodeb