The significance of cultural pedagogy in the autonomy of educational measures

Newness, Ideas and Reflections

When alternative educational measures are issued, the expectations are great. A decision for introducing such measures is based on the general culture in which we live and the organisational culture of each individual student hostel. The existing patterns, brought from the past, affect the level of autonomy in judging the factors that influence our individual decisions. In accordance with the general cultural objectives, the established social patterns often require such educational measures which are subsequently unfortunately followed by counterproductive reverse reactions. It is essential that the realistic state of the atmosphere in the student hostel be presented and the expectations highlighted that influence the educational measures, and it is also very important to achieve a consensus about the rationality of introducing innovative educational measures. Quick changes exercise significant pressure on the quality of educational work.

Key words: education, educational measure, culture, tradition, innovation, rules.

Stanislav Kink