Restitution, theory od choice and responsibility student’s status

Theory and Practice

In a dormitory named Dijaški dom Poljane, a project called »Responsibility Student’s Status« was put into practice in the school year 2000/2001. The mentioned status can be obtained by secondary school students, namely 4th and 5th year students, as well as those attending the preparation course for the Matura exam on condition that they meet certain criteria. It offers students highly desired freedom – a possibility of daily outing until one o’clock at night. A yearly analysis of outings proves that students don’t make their outings uncritically. As years passed by, the value of status has risen in students’ quality world to a high degree, therefore the decision to continue the project is taken anew every school year; in other words, the status has become a part of a dormitory’s educational programme. The project has been developing and improving year by year with the help of students as well as the staff of educators.

Keywords: responsibility, responsible student, theory of choice, dormitory.

Irena Šuc Hribar