Mathematics + Multimedia = The direct manipulation with animation

ICT in Education - Researches
The troubles that primary school children experience in Maths comprehension only emerge on the transition from Year 4 to Year 5 when number of teachers are involved in delivering the curriculum. These troubles arise as consequences to changes of the previous approach to teaching with the second following the one before, and due to an inadequate process of training (not learning) of this school subject. These troubles mainly refer to the fast pace of multitasking and too many requirements put upon a pupil all too soon. In order to subdue the newly emerged troubles and to avoid any possible troubles, it is necessary to simplify and slow down the instruction process as much as possible during their first years in the school, to remove irrelevant impressions and demands, so that Maths would not be a fright. The efficiency of studying through a direct manipulation with animation (in the framework of the educational software) mirrors itself on the example of functional relations. Pupils (Year 1 to Year 4) who have studied through these means, have achieved better results from their mates who have been through the curriculum by means of pictures accompanied with text, slides or movies. Namely, pupils’ activity has also greatly affected the final outcome of the results, manipulation of some parts of animations and learning their relations, and not the “almighty” modern technology. This is encouraging because we are not always able to provide our pupils with sophisticated multimedia lesson content. Therefore, with the carefully selected didactic materials who affirm the direct manipulative activity of a pupil, it is also possible to achieve notable results in teaching Maths.
Keywords: multimedia + mathematics ≠ a fright, troubles in the process of training, direct manipulation with animation = didactic material. 
Ph.D. Slavoljub Hilčenko