The importance of ICT of maintain educational documentation

ICT in Education - Researches

The national project “e-educational system” includes the boarding schools as educational organizations, too. In accordance with the law, educators must keep prescribed documentations by boarding schools and must also lead a diary of educational group as part of pedagogical documentation. When up-to-date information systems were established in boarding school, some educators expressed wish that would be possible to lead a diary of educational group with a computer. We present the prescribed content of a diary of educational group and downsides of keeping a diary in shape of a (paper) book. In continuation is described an electronic shape of a diary of educational group and advantages of it’s use. With the help of survey executed within educators of boarding school, I checked preparedness for use of the electronic shape of a diary. There are also introduced the opinions of supporters and opponents of an electronic diary. 

Keywords: ICT competences, educators, electronic diary of educational group, information system, boarding school. 

Bojan Jeram