Viewpoint educators of boarding schools of their knowledge of ICT use

ICT in Education - Researches
In this paper we discus about information and communication technologies as of the technology of the future. We defend the fact that entering the information society leads to radical changes in all spheres of human communication. Furthermore, we stress out the importance of the The National Education Institute of Slovenia in the development and implementation of ICT in the school environment. Part of the school environment are also lots of boarding schools. The study shows the results of the survey, which was conducted among boarding school educators with a questionnaire. The basic purpose of the survey was to determine how many and which ICT boarding school educators use in the educational process and what are basic computer skills which they need by their everyday work. 
Keywords: boarding schools, educators, informatics, information and communication technologies, research. 
M.Sc. Olga Dečman Dobrnjič, M.Sc. Bojan Stane Zupet, Simona Šinko, Ivan Sagadin