Children consumers and material exploitation of parents – manipulation and violence over parents

People and Society

The article speaks of a relatively poorly researched phenomenon, namely the manipulation of children by parents, especially from the material point of view. Displays information about the material consumerism by children and illustrated by examples from the family practice. Based on the data leads us to think their own thoughts and concludes with the fact that there is a possibility that a lot of parents by children subjected to pressure, coercion and threats, in cases where children follow their own interests and goals to the detriment of the parents. Believes that, given the results of some research, we expect growth in different types of manipulation of children by parents. As a preventive action to limit this phenomenon the author stresses the priority role of modern pedagogy. With proper education of parents and children acquire the necessary skills to develop empathy and responsibility for young people to self and others people. 

Keywords: manipulation, family relationships, parents, children, educational competence, responsibility, empathy. 

Ph.D. Jasminka Zloković