Hidden authority in non-authoritarian socialization practicies

People and Society
In my text I will discuss a role of non-authoritarian socialization in contemporary (western) societies. Basic hypothesis of my analysis will be that non-authoritarian socialization incorporates several repressive dimensions which basically determine the socialization practices and the results of non-authoritarian socialization. I will present some basic characteristics of authoritarian as well as of non-authoritarian socialization, especially the narcissistic socialization and so called »socialized« socialization. Some dimensions of hidden authority in non-authoritarian socialization will be analyzed to show that non-authoritarian socialization practices introduce in socialization and social relations even more repressive elements then authoritarian socialization practices. Some of those repressive elements will be discussed more into detail.
Keywords: socialization, autoritarian socialization, non-autoritarian socialization, narcissistic socialization. 
Ph.D. Vesna Vuk Godina