The developement of the protection on secondary-school students human rights

People and Society

All participants in the education process, namely students, teachers, educators and parents, can be the victims of human rights violations. The cause of violence is insufficient knowledge and understanding of rights by the participants and the intensity of mutual contacts and communications in the specific schooling environment. People lack awareness that human rights of an individual are limited by the rights of others. Often, the responsibility for the violation of rights must be sought in the state and in the school or students dormitory. Legal experts, humanists and in particular teachers, educators should raise their awareness of public responsibility, increase public engagement, mutual expert co-operation and gain new knowledge on the development and protection of human rights. The secondary-school students should be stimulated to further develop the protection of their rights and to point out the duties. The school and the student dormitory as an institution for the protection of rights can do a lot in the area of prevention, by anticipation and prevention of undesired phenomena. 

Keywords: human rights, rights of secondary-school students, school legislation, educational process. 

Stanislav Kink