Annual educational curriculum for the education group

Theory and practice

The last curricular reform as well as the following educational program gave special attention to the educational group. The educators’ educational plan for the educational group gained additional importance with the annual educational curriculum as well as the educational program for the educational group itself. The goal of the reform, namely promoting the active role of students in dormitories is highly reasonable, owing to the fact that residence life quality can thus be improved. Students can not only learn democratic communication and goal setting, they have the possibility to perform concrete tasks and evaluate their work at the end of a school year as well. The educators’ role in the process is to practice new/alternative educational models with a purpose to adapt to the present conditions. The contemporary situation in student dormitories is precarious, but also challenging in the sense of the necessity to approach one another and the annual educational curriculum offers numerous possibilities for the realization of various goals of both – students as well as educators. 

Keywords: educational group, curricular reform, active role of students, annual educational curriculum. 

Nataša Tavželj