Holocaust literature as »Articulation of inarticulable«

Cultural and Intercultural
In the article is first presented holocaust literature, its actual social, ethical and intercultural dimension. As an example for this I quote Necropolis by author Boris Pahor. After the holocaust and holocaust literature have been defined, some functions of holocaust literature in school are presented, especially at the intercultural learning of German as a foreign language at Slovenian grammar schools. As an example for the intercultural German learning I propose a literature text by an Austrian author Elisabeth Reichart with the title: “Wie fern ist Mauthausen?” To determine the level and the range of the knowledge according to the topics holocaust and holocaust literature, I made a research under the students of the 3rd grade of the grammar school. The research findings tell us, that the students are quite good familiar with the holocaust topic, but less with the holocaust literature. The function of the holocaust literature at the school is for me in its capability of the “articulation of inarticulable” and its social ethical function of awareness and prevention of the great human evil.
Keywords: literature, holocaust, Necropolis, research, grammar school students.
M.Sc. Liljana Kač