EDUCATION CRISIS – Did we need social and family “detoxification”?

Education Dilemmas
Education is a phenomenon familiar to all civilization. Many different approaches and theories that offer different answers regarding the phenomenon of education point out to its complexity. Aware of the many open questions about education, on which there are not any (universal) answers, this article does not strive to a comprehensive approach to the educational theory. With the use of the systematic structural approach, the author is pointing out the insufficient attention to the micro and macro levels of the one of the most important pillars of human and social development  education. It seems inevitable to ask parents and creators of (social) policy and the “norms” of everyday “modern” world – whether our society human dignity can respond to current challenges in all areas of life, although marginalizing the importance of education within the stated aims of human development of each person and one of “strategic” humanistic development solutions of various “crises”. In a wide range of “crisis” about which we hear every day as a “social development and transition of inevitability” (economic, social, financial, political, etc.), the author points out the educational crisis with its´ potential consequences as one of the most serious crisis that needs a modern pedagogical science to react appropriately.
Keywords: family, society, moral values, humanistic development goals, education crisis, educational “detoxification”.
Ph.D. Jasminka Zloković