Educator – Ethical subject

Education Dilemmas

In the educational process the proportion of the autonomous acting towards the pupils and their parents is reflected also in the relationship of individual to other pedagogic staff and to the school management. Thus a educator is in performing a programme bound by the legal rules, rules of the profession (pedagogic rules) as well as the elementary human rights and liberties. When carrying out the education process the vantage feature of a person is expressed as his ability to influence an individual or a group without force or argumentation when desiring recognition of his being right as authority. The ultimate goal of education efforts is in forming personality and identity of pupils taking into consideration the neutral school; this is supported by pedagogic expertise, integrity and autonomy of work. The competence and responsibilities of performers of pedagogic process are loosely defined by individual segments. This means that pressure can be exercised on them from all sides. The comprehension of pedagogic freedom is connected above all with education in terms of bringing up or conveying the values rather than education as conveying facts which thereby restricts the pedagogic freedom.

Keywords: authority, autonomy, responsibility, respect, professionalism.

Stanislav Kink