If educating is impossible, what is then an educator for?

Education Dilemmas
Educating is an impossible job. The job of an educator is impossible in comparison to other jobs where the way and methods how to reach the aim are known. Aims which have been achieved by using a certain method of educating can be just the opposite of what has been expected. Educating is possible only if the reflexion is carried out all the time. Therefore it is irrational to have an illusion that instructions for educating are possible. An impossible job – inappropriate to the time and place. The aim of this article is to look at the job of an educator from different points of view, to think about his position in the process of educating, to find the purpose of his job, to answer the questions what he actually does and what exists only in his mind, what he can do and what he can hope to do … In my opinion, it is exactly this ‘impossibility’ which gives the educator the only chance to educate or at least to deal with that what is called educating. Even when the educator thinks that he is not educating, he educates. The authority is given to him, transfer is activated and it is present unconsciously on the side of the educator as well as on the side of a child.
Keywords: educating, knowledge, subject, transfer, unconsciously, authority.
Benedikt Ličen