Experiences in evaluating educational software at Faculty of Education in Sombor

ICT in Education
Faculty of Education in Sombor and its Educational Media Design Department has been actively researching educational software and its application in education. The syllabus for the Educational Software course is providing pupils with extensive learning experience and knowledge of Mainstream Approaches in IT Methodology, with classification, evaluation and Project-Based Learning where educational software is put into practice in real classrooms. Students are also familiarized with the newest tendencies in developmental processes and the application of IT in education around the world and in their country. We give special attention to the development of educational software and its implementation in classrooms on all levels of education. Educational software displays a complex media product where its quality has a direct influence on the effectiveness of the approach to teaching and learning in a given situation. Bearing in mind the very important fact that educational software is gaining importance in teaching, it is of imperative importance to consider the quality of the software that is to be used in educational institutions. An evaluation process of the quality of a product needs a developed methodology and a set of strategies for evaluation with a clear set of criteria for its ranking.
The aim of this Paper is to offer first-hand experience gained through involvement in the process of development of the educational software and through students’ assignments, so as to contribute in that way to our application of the educational software in mainstream education.
Keywords: media designer, educational software, evaluation of educational software, evaluation criteria.
Ph.D. Vukan Popović, Ph.D. Slavoljub Hilčenko