Changes in education and how to them

School Environment
This paper presents the process of implementing changes in education, the reasons why these changes are often not successful and the role of individual actors. Thus, for our school system as well as foreign systems are considered to be too deliberate changes tackle, with unclear vision and plan with oversized steps and giving up too quickly. The concept of a learning school stresses the importance of accountability, empowerment, team learning and systemic thinking teachers. The role of the headteacher, who must know their duties and responsibilities granted to collectives. Effective headteacher establishes a school development team, assisted in this process. Successful change is always gradual, requiring a lot of working and learning of all participants. Ultimately, the changes led to a different organizational culture, which implies a change in values, beliefs and practices of people.
Keywords: implementing change, schools that learning, distributed leadership, headteacher, school development team.
Brigita Rupar