In eight steps toward the school vision

School Environment
Basic aim of this article is to explain one of the quite complex methods of vision building on the theoretical and on the practical level. First the role of vision building is explained and then eight steps in this process are describer and illustrated. These eight steps are (Lippitt, 1998): 1. Review history, 2. Identify what’s working and what’s not, 3. Identify values and beliefs, 4. Identify relevant events, developments and trends, 5. Create a preferred future vision, 6. Translate future visios into action goals, 7. Plan for action, 8. Create a structure for implementing the plan. We explain each step on theoretical level and illustrate it with the results from the real process from two Slovenian schools.
Keywords: school vision, school quality, learning school, implementing changes.
Ph.D. Tanja Rupnik Vec, Janja Gonza