Leasure activities in the boarding schools and the importance of students’ participation in managing boarding school’s web site and web blog

ICT in Education
In the article we will emphasize the importance of students´ participation in creating and editing boarding school’s Web site and Web blog and will include this participation in the context of leisure activities in the boarding school. In the theoretical part of this article we will through the concepts of Web 1.0 and 2.0 introduce the concept of changing boarding school`s websites and web blog designs and the changing role of students in that. As a fundamental difference between Web 1.0 and 2.0 we will highlight the participation of Internet users as a complement to existing content and to a creation of new content to the concept of Web 2.0, while Web 1.0 users only use the existing content. In the empirical part we will present two examples of good practices in the boarding schools – boarding school Tabor`s Web page and a Web blog of the educational group in boarding school Maribor.
Keywords: Web 2.0, interactivity, boarding school`s web site, joomla, blog.
Simona Šinko, Branko Badoko, Bojan Cavnik