Teaching geometrical bodies in elementary school – a model of animated movie with direct manipulation of animation process

ICT in Education
Our instruction team has developed a model of interactive animated movie for acquiring subject matters in the field of mathematics, particularly in the area of geometry (geometrical bodies: sphere, cube, cuboid, cylinder, pyramid, cone …) for the third grade elementary school pupils. The model was conceived as a completely new interactive animated application that simultaneously comprises animated movie, video game and educational software. In order to reach the end of the program, a student must recognize all of the presented animated geometrical bodies. Along the way a pupil gets involved and is being introduced with the characteristics, and in the end there is an interactive quiz to be solved. The application is solved by direct manipulation of animation process and by the method of trials and tribulations, the most efficient way to learn when it comes to information technology, such as computer technology. The goal of this work is to emphasize the importance and the efficiency of such a learning comparing to the traditional learning methods.
Keywords: geometry in elementary school, innovation, interactive animated movie, direct manipulation of animation process, method of trials and tribulations, information technology. 
Ph.D. Slavoljub Hilčenko, Vladimir Jerković