Lifelong learning as a necessity for entrepreneur

Lifelong Learning
In this paper the concept of lifelong learning necessity for a successful entrepreneur is stressed from the perspective of twenty years experiences on educational private institution in the field of entrepreneurship. As freedom of entrepreneurial individual is a global motor of entrepreneurial activity, we can say that educational institution motivates entrepreneur in all life phases with specific approach to gaining high degree of freedom in decision making, in acting and in relation to other entrepreneurs. It is relevant, that entrepreneur is escorted in all life phases of development and acting. At the beginning it enables entrepreneurial self-realization. The second phase is to educate about entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurial training supplements the basic entrepreneurial knowledge and perfects the entrepreneurial skills. Entrepreneurial activating stimulates to activate the entrepreneurial abilities and entrepreneurial networking assists in entrepreneurial connecting. The common open-minded and flexible environment will be presented which is business education oriented with possibility for students, entrepreneurs to enter whenever with common goal of achieving entrepreneurial excellence. In these processes is essential in the twenty first century the issue of lifelong learning and continuing professional development. 
Keywords: lifelong learning, entrepreneurial freedom, flexible environment, entrepreneurial activity. 
M.Sc. Andrej Baričič, Ph.D. Alenka Temeljotov Salaj, Lela B. Njatin, M.Sc. Olga Dečman Dobrnjič