Leading a gazette in the boarding schools contact with cultural education

Theory and Practice
The purpose of the article is to motivate pedagogues into starting and editing school newspapers, in boarding schools they work at. Because of my positive experiences, I would like to share our way of boarding schools gazette management. I will present a concrete analysis of the way we lead such activities and, through the content and methods of work presented, and point out educational goals which we can achieve through this approach. The content and methods are very diverse and correspond to different values, therefore I will also emphasize the cultural education, which I see in this context as a juncture as well as an interplay of different educational influences. I will focus on the educational activity within the moral, media, aesthetic, multicultural and environmental influences. I wish to show how important the leading of such activities is for the students and what kind of positive results and benefits it can bring to all participating persons.
Keywords: practice of leading a student gazette, expressing one’s thoughts, media and functional literacy, moral education, multicultural education, environmental and aesthetic education. 
Renata Veberič Delak