A review – educational computer software in school subject real world around us

ICT Media and Education
The main aim of this research paper is to illustrate and provide case studies of computer assisted teaching and learning (CAL) in classroom environment. In accordance with the newest technological developments, especially in the field of IT, we are witnessing a growing need for innovation in the sphere of education and pedagogy. Educational institutions have responded to the newest technological challenges by providing various conceptual models of school teaching (distance learning, computer assisted learning, computer software, etc.). The newest conceptual models, emerging from technological changes, have emphasised the interactive approach (interactive teacher-student roles and continual feedback), the use of educational media which connect all participants of classroom environment with the syllabus content. This paper provides one such case study based on the lesson content taken from the school subject Real World Around Us. The given study will show the better productivity and performance in comparison to the more traditional mode of teaching in terms of freedom and learner autonomy, but in order for it to be proved successful; we need to provide details of the appropriate methodology which should come with the computer software.
Keywords: Information technologies, Media solutions in education, Educational computer software, Educational models in teaching, New methodologies and approaches to teaching.
M.Sc. Dragan Rastovac, M.Sc. Aleksandra Mari, Ph.D. Slavoljub Hilcenko