Boarding school as a place for creative activity

Practice for Practice
Work of an educator is full of challenges and it carries many opportunities for creative activity. We can see different ideas and choices for new, different solutions on a daily basis in the boarding school itself. This article presents various shapes and methods of work, for which I think go hand in hand with creativity, especially with direct interaction with pupils. Life situations in boarding schools present opportunities for educators and pupils to co-create surroundings that are democratic and creative on one hand, or rigid, inflexible on the other. Dormitory can be a popular place for the youth, or a hostile boarding school, that acts as a necessary evil for pupils from remote cities. The author will try to clarify this dilemma on a basis of creative activity, which is eager to overcome the everyday routine of an educator’s occupation.
Keywords: creative activity, different ideas, pupils, life situations, everyday routine.
Nataša Tavželj