Intellectual visibility of educators at the Ivan Cankar boarding school

Practice for Practice
In the school year 2010/2011, in the frameworks of lifelong education, professional training and ongoing development of in-house educational potential, The Ivan Cankar Boarding School initiated a multi-year innovation project funded by The National Education Institute of The Republic of Slovenia (ZRSŠ). The project was named “Intellectual and creative visibility of educators.” My contribution entitled “Intellectual visibility of educators at the Ivan Cankar Boarding School” develops the theoretical idea that creativity is not just the moving force behind art, but instead involves, in an educational institution, flexibility in both thinking and acting. Conventional solutions are not enough in the educational space where continuously appearing new challenges require us to deal with them in a flexible way and find original solutions leading to better interpersonal relations within groups. According to post-structuralism, all of our professional experiences will eventually become parts of written texts. Indeed, empirical educational experiences are preserved only if written down. Documents written by educators are therefore of timeless significance, whether of professional, popular or literary character. Despite being heterogeneous in their themes, they have something in common: most contributions by our educators deal with interpersonal relations, quality of living and new paradigms related to care of the environment and responsible consumerism. The Ivan Cankar Boarding School has drawn up a long-term vision of professional development of employees in addition to environmental education, learning help and other projects. We are developing a ground-up strategy, realizing that on-the-ground experience enriches our work. Empirical educational experiences and theoretical deepening of educational work contributes to literary fitness of educators, who, due to specific nature of their work, write on themes related to dynamics of relationships. Our staff in their contributions addresses psychodynamical themes. The present contribution sheds light on creativity in the sociological and anthropological meanings of the word, eventually contextualizing it into our educational institution.
Keywords: intellectual visibility, boarding school, educational work, creativity.
Primož Vresnik