Educational, social, ethical and other dilemmas in the modern context of child care »invisible children and social ostriches«

Social Responsibility
Is there and what is an ideal (optimal) family which enables an optimal development of children? What are the relationships within such family? Do we know the reply? In our opinion during the whole history of humankind there has been no uniform definition of what is the best family which provides conditions for optimal development and socialization of children. Nowadays a family is faced not only with the standard requirements and responsibilities but with new expectations as a result of modern development trends in the global – information society which causes the un/foreseen changes in environments and which in turn cause different human relationships. The role of family its status and social significance in the social environment will change along with the pace of change of environment. Parenthood is because of its demands becoming a profession but it is one of the rare professions that does not require formal education and knowledge. Because of the need for »knowledge of carrying out the mission of being parents« schools for parents crop up more frequently aiming to help parents to educate children and manage the relationships between the members of family. We deem that the curricula of schools for parents are based on the fact that parents cannot carry out their mission satisfactorily which produces numerous conflicts among the members of families and between the families and the society.  
Keywords: relation in family, parents competency, children, school, sociall environment, risky behaviours, culture of care for children, invisible childrend.
Ph.D. Jasminka Zloković, M.Sc. Olga Dečman Dobrnjič