Information day at the boarding school

Boarding Schools in Practice
The decision to enter into concrete school students aren´t accepted every day, perhaps only once or twice in a lifetime. Therefore, before making such a decision, we need certain information in order to decide. It is therefore, that educational institutions develop their marketing network, whose main elements are the image, location, promotion and costs. The aim of this study was that, based on theoretical principles of event management, to obtain general and especially practical knowledge about how the event – information day is planned and carried out, in what care is needed, what are the criteria and methods of measurement needs, attitudes, expectations and final satisfaction of participants of an event. The survey was conducted by preparing questionnaires, carrying out surveys and data analysis. Raised the argument: “Youths attend information days at schools that are closer to home and they are not interested in staying at the boarding school,” was rejected. 
Keywords: information day, event, marketing network, stakeholders and decision factors. 
Karmen Lemut