Higher concentration and achievement of students with the help of thetahealing® technic

Education and Society
Authors present in this paper basic postulates and way of work of ThetaHealing® technique. This technique they will test through scientific pilot-project “Improvement of mindfulness, concentration and student achievement through ThetaHealing® technique”. Founder of this technique, Vianna Stibal starts from the assumption that our feelings and beliefs written in, primary, subconscious mind are those which determine our behaviours in specific situations. Contrary to opinion that it is difficult or even impossible to change our beliefs and feelings, Stibal assert that by ThetaHealing® technique it is possible to change feelings and beliefs easily and permanently. Authors work on preparation of pilot-project which will be carried out on student population who have problem with mindfulness and concentration on content they should learn for exam, who don’t pass exams on time or have bad results on exams. Authors will on this student population test ThetaHealing® technique and its effectiveness on improvement of mindfulness, concentration and student achievement. 
Keywords: student achievement, mindfulness, concentration, beliefs, feelings, programming, ThetaHealing® 
Ph.D. Kornelija Mrnjaus,  Ph.D. Miodrag Krneta