The significance and functions of the family as the environment for education of children in early years of age

Education and Society
The family is the resource of different educational influences, life experiences which determines if children feel satisfied and happy or unsatisfied an unhappy in it, that is if the family influence on them reinforcing or blocking. The education which children acquire in family is basic and most powerful. There is no institution which could take the place of family in the process of personality forming. For understanding the significance and the influence of family for children’s education and development, it is needed to see how it was in the past and how it is today, that is the development of the family through historical changing of generations. From pedagogical point of view, the family is unchangeable environment for correct growing and development of human being. In it, children acquire the basic knowledge, experiences and sense in the frame of the direct interaction whit other human beings. The types and functions of the modern family are changeable and related to existing social changes which bring their transforming, widening and adapting to the aim of improvement of children’s in early age of years development. 
Keywords: family, child, education, early years of age. 
Ph.D. Vesna Minić, M.Sc. Emilija Marković