Path to e-competence educators of boarding schools

ICT in Boarding Schools
This paper start from the position that knowledge from information and communication technology in career of educators in boarding schools is very important. Educator must to include this knowledge in their educational process, as are the global trends, too. Also, students and parents so expect substantial ICT skills about the educators. The integration of ICT in the educational process it is noble and becoming different. In the following we present the basic e-competencies, which are incurred in the development of the project e-education. We also offer one of the possible ways educators to obtain this license. We describe the e-card and display statistical data on the participation of educators education in seminar “The use of e-learning materials in the preparation of educational hours in the Boarding schools. 
Keywords: educators, boarding school, e-competencies, education. 
Ph.D. Olga Dečman Dobrnjič, Bojan Jeram