Service Quality Measurement in Boarding School Maribor

Boarding Schools in Practice
A secondary school student hostel is an institution that basic aim is to meet the needs of those students who are educating themselves outside their place of permanent residence. At the time of fierce competition, the quality of services has become the major factor in success and existence of an institution. The purpose of this paper is to present the results of the research of services quality in Dijaški dom Maribor. The main objective of the research was to measure students’ perceptions of services quality. We were investigating which characteristics of the services have the greatest impact on the students’ perceptions of the services quality and in which services provided by the student hostel is the greatest gap between students’ expectations and perceptions of the services quality. Our objective was to answer the questions, how students evaluate the conditions for learning, the offer of optional activities, living standard, diet and mutual relationships in Boarding school Maribor. 
Keywords: services, marketing, education, quality, quality measurement.
Igor Vantur, Ph.D. Lidija Kodrin