Developmental Psychopathology and Education

Education and Society
This review article highlights the defining principles, concepts, progress and future directions in developmental psychopathology. It emphases association between developmental psychopathology and education as well. A new era in developmental psychopathology is dawning, with exciting frontiers in brain development and plasticity, gene-environment interaction, resilience and recovery, multilevel dynamics, interdisciplinary research and training, and methodologies for assessing and analyzing change over time within and across individual systems and their contexts. Understanding the nature and course of development is inextricably linked with our understanding of adaptation in school and schooling’s effects on adaptation. Unfortunately, in R. Macedonia, this scientific academic field is almost unknown up to now. We hope that this article will provide an interest, initial challenge and awareness for compelling need for this scientific discipline in future. As a first pioneers steps in R. Macedonia, we have established curriculum of developmental psychopathology at Faculty of Educational Science and Faculty of Medical Science, at Goce Delcev University, Stip. 
Keywords: developmental psychopathology, education, concepts, challenges, scientific discipline.
Ph.D. Lence Miloseva