The Identity of the Youngster from the Aspect of Integrative Therapy and the Re-education Prospects

Education and Society
In the introductory part of my article integrative therapy, whose founder is H. Petzold, is presented. Its main concept is the multidisciplinary discourse, being open to findings of other disciplines as well as comprising different theories. The core issue of integrative therapy is the notion of identity and its relations to both personal and social spheres. Its goal is to find the answer to new types of identies, which are being shaped and moulded by new lifestyles and consequently being at risk in the “transverse modern society”. The central part of the article is focused on the identity of youngsters in the light of integrative therapy, in its five areas of development, the so-called five columns of identity, which are: bodiness, social network, work and achievements, material security and values. The youngster’s identity in its development is very fragile and subsequently inclined to being hurt, especially in the so-called primary education. Therefore, special help and support are necessary and can be provided by means of “re-education”. In my opinion, integrative therapy, owing to its multidimensional approaches, can undoubtedly find the solutions to these difficulties. Namely, it enables the youngsters to get to know their inner self and to develop a mature identity in order to cope with the challenges of the contemporary society as well as enjoy the pleasures of life. 
Keywords: identity, youngster, five columns of identity, education, re-education, integrative therapy.
Tatjana Kapuralin