Use of the Problem Method of Teaching at Educational Work in Boarding Schools

Education and Society
The paper deals with the problem method of teaching, which effectively promotes critical and creative thinking of students in educational work in the residence halls. To use critical and creative thinking we need teachers and educators who are trained to carry out this kind of instruction, which requires different teaching skills from them, as required by most conventional forms of instruction. In most of the present conventional forms of implementation classes such as frontal teaching, team teaching, programmed lessons and integrated learning. One of the conventional forms, but rarely used, is problem method of teaching, in which we train skills of critical and creative thinking. This paper discusses the use of problem method of teaching in educational work in boarding schools, especially in the use of educational hours. We present a method and form of problem method of teaching, through which we successfully promote independent creative and critical thinking of students. 
Keywords: problem method of teaching, critical thinking, creative thinking, boarding school.
Uroš Murko