E-Learning and E-Teaching

Discussions and Researches


The aim of this paper is to emphasize the need of introducing the web pages that contain the teaching units from school subjects that are utilized for the elementary school pupils in the Republic of Serbia. These web pages that are as popular as qualitative are abundant around the world and some of these internet pages will be presented. We are drawn to this by “the children of digital era” and by the necessity to innovate the school as an institution and to innovate the teachers’ teaching methods, as well. On the other hand, personal experience and longstanding work with pupils directed us to engage ourselves with creating multimedia, interactive and animated contents purposed for e-learning. Whilst modeling these contents we relied on the knowledge of cognitive thinking, the principle of multimedia modeling of teaching contents, learning theories, the principles of animated application creating, graphical and instructional design (a new name for didactics) and additionally the creativity and imagination. Here we tend to present (and propose) popular e-learning mathematical contents, although some of them can already be found on the pages of the favorite Slovenian internet site www.lilibi.si.

Keywords: e-learning and the internet, school classes, interactive-animated mathematical contents, instructional design, innovating the school and teachers.

Ph.D. Slavoljub Hilčenko, Vladimir Jerković, Ph.D. Matjaž Duh