Human Sexuality and Gender Relations

Discussions and Researches


Today, when it was finally proven that sexuality plays an important role in the social life of the people and it is a natural human needs, sexuality began to slowly releases the conviction and have their place. The essence of the humanization of relations between the sexes is the development of positive attitudes, equality and respect for the dignity of the personalities of the opposite sex; contribution to the protection of reproductive health and proper sexual behavior; develop positive attitudes about marriage, family planning and parenting; respect of measures of population policy. Relations between the sexes in the areas of partnerships, relationships between men and women ranging from sexual attraction or sympathy, through the love and sexual acts. Young people need to visualize the dangers they may encounter and work as much as possible to prevent these hazards, such as sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy, abuse of human sexuality and so on. In order to fully explain the relationship between the sexes and implications concerning these areas have to be considered the foundation on which they are based and to love and sex.

Keywords: sexuality, humanization of relations, gender, love, sex.

Nevena Stanisavljević, Ph.D. Bisera Jevtić