A Family: The Fundamental Unit of Society

Education and Society


Implementation of parental rights puts us in charge of society’s responsibilities, especially for the children and for those, who cannot take care of themselves. The authors of the article talk about the implementation of parental rights, specifically about when the country has the right to intervene in parents’ legal rights and take over the responsibilities in taking care of a child. They will introduce the options that children have when being in custody of only one parent and the school’s responsibility and authority in such cases. The rights of foster parents in relation to a child, that has been placed in their care, and their school, will also be discussed. They will give answers to the questions such as how the schools should react when instead of the child’s birth parents, their new partners or grandparents demand the same rights that should by school’s and country’s family legislation belong only to their parents.

Keywords: family, a child, parents, country.

Janez Možina, M.Sc. Gordana Možina