Movement Activity and Health

Education and Society


Sport activity represents an important part of human life. Now days sport activity is an essential part of individual’s quality of life. Many researches have clearly proven this connection. Sport affects human physical health through reducing coronary diseases, reducing sugar diseases, reducing osteoporosis, controlling body weight. Physical activity reduce mortality and improve physical endurance which contribute to the general physical health system, it also helps to control blood pressure etc. Sport is an important tool that has a strong impact on persons wellbeing and creates a harmony between physical and psychic part of body. It strongly affects also human mental and psychic health. In the relationship between active lifestyle and psychic characteristics we can emphasise the positive effect of sport activity on self-image, emotional and mood states, personality and coping stress (Tušak et al. 2008a). Stress makes the people week and presents the unhealthy way of life. But sport on the other hand indirectly helps to sustain high motivation for work and life which has a strongly effect on human active lifestyle. We should put a lot of attention into the systematic process of emphasising sport activity and reevaluating norms where the sport activity should become one of the most important value in children’s life. The role of parents and teachers in school system is very important and crucial for the benefit of our children’s health. Sport activity should be voluntary with motivation for enjoyment and the opposite of lifetime stressful events and competition and (Tušak and Kandare 2004).

Keywords: sport activity, fitness, motivation, self-image, physical health, mental health.

Ph.D. Matej Tušak, Sabina Remar