A Smart Phone Can Also Be a Useful Teaching Aid

Theory and Practice of Boarding Schools


Contemporary means of communication, smart mobile phones included, allow us faster access to information. As a result, there are changes in our day-to-day operation as well as expression, which can especially be seen in young people. Seeing how the presence and usefulness of these devices is increasing and is set on a globally upward trend, and how smart phones serve for communication purposes as much as they do for looking for information and entertainment, it makes sense to think about the ways they can be used in the educational process. In the boarding school during German, an extracurricular educational activity, together with the students, we decided to see if by using the mobile application German 50 Languages, studying, no longer tied to a definite time and place, can be fun and effective at the same time.

Keywords: leisure time, students, learning foreign languages, smart phones, mobile apps.

Barbara Štingl