Cultural Educational Theater Project “Šugla at Tabor”

Theory and Practice of Boarding Schools


Good Practice Example of Cooperation Between Boarding School and Cultural Institution

Young people, who are staying in boarding schools, are often influenced by frequently tiring and demanding formal education. In their spare time (when they usually just want to rest) they also have to face with us, active professionals and staff who want to offer them and give as much as we can. We encourage young people to develop personal responsibility and active participation in various fields and try to present a creative and original approach of dealing with a variety of new challenges. Cultural- arts education brings new opportunities, skills and experience. Through a variety of cultural-arts topics young people explore themselves and others. So we start from the belief that young people have the right to encouraging cultural experiences that inspire and encourage their imagination and contribute to their overall development.

Keywords: youth, boarding school, leisure time, cultural-arts education.

Saša Šterk