Instructions to Authors

The magazine Iskanja is publishing scientific and professional papers, statements, discussions, echoes, impressions, reviews, news from educational bookshelves and other articles.

Before the publication, each article is examined by at least two independent reviewers. The reviewing process is anonymous. Authors of positive evaluated articles are invited to the publication of the final version of articles which includes the comments of reviewers and members of the editorial board. The written explanation will be sent to the authors of the rejected papers. Articles, that do not meet the editorial policy, will not be taken into consideration and editorial material will not be returned to the authors. Priority by publication of ordered articles have subscribers of the magazine Iskanja.

It is expected, that the manuscripts are language and grammar appropriate. For publication of articles, posts, texts, etc. in the magazine Iskanja isn’t paid any honorarium to the authors. When article is submitted, author is acquainted with the conditions of publishing. He/she needs to agree, that the article will be permanent available to the public. Detailed instructions for the technical design of the article, citations and references to literature are at here attached file.

For detailed explanation of editorial and other issues related to magazine Iskanja, please contact the chief editor Borut Zidar. Articles are accepted only in electronic form on Community of Boarding Schools of Slovenia or by e-mail to